Festival de Salzbourg 2020 - Pentecôte et été (Pfingsten und Sommer)

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Re: Festival de Salzbourg 2020 - Pentecôte et été (Pfingsten und Sommer)

Message par cosimus » 19 mai 2020, 16:50

Dernières nouvelles. Voici l'essentiel du message envoyé à ceux qui sont déjà en possession de billets.

The only thing that is certain is that the new health regulations mean that the Festival cannot take place as planned before the outbreak of the pandemic, both in terms of programming and duration. Therefore, the Festival will present an alternative for this extremely challenging year to the Supervisory Board on 25 May 2020. We aim to publish the newly arranged programme for the summer in early June.

Please, give us some time to clarify all open questions, in order to then inform you about the further procedure for tickets previously purchased. Of course, everyone who cannot or does not want to attend this year’s Festival will receive a refund of the ticket price for the tickets already purchased.

Nevertheless, it is also certain that we will try to fulfil the ticket requests of all those who want to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Salzburg Festival with us as best we can. The Friends of the Salzburg Festival, including subscribers, club members, sponsors, patrons and sponsors, as well as our regular customers have priority. Therefore, the significantly reduced range of tickets is only offered to customers like you with tickets that have already been purchased.
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